aroundtheCube was the pioneer in the introduction of the First Fully-printed puzzle cube (Rubik’s) almost 10 years ago and was armed with the ambition to offer, already at the time, a quality of image and a playful product DESIGN. We have developed a 3D web application specifically made for cube personalizations. We harnessed and adapted the use of QRCodes and linked them to a mobile application rendering the cube virtually interactive therefore allowing it to be solved in the simplest and intuitive way using a solver we also developed. A testament and feat which demonstrates that our team never stopped innovating. Our aspirations today led us to introduce a brand new collection. Entirely unique in its category, we dubbed it as the ARTCOLLECTION. A special blend of technical and graphic inspirations creating a new genre on its own - the premium class artistic cubes.

To further enrich our range and venture to the full extent of artistry and creation around the cube, we intend to develop partnerships with artists and designers providing them the opportunity to adapt their works onto this iconic 3D object which in itself, a popular source of inspiration and symbol of limitless creation.


Our cubes (blank) are manufactured and imported from a reputable supplier with whom we have worked with for over 10 years. They are recognized for the quality and excellence of their products which are in full compliance with European and American standards. These white cubes are then transformed at our Parisian workshop into the iconiCubes that are featured in our ARTCOLLECTION and DESIGNCOLLECTION series.

All the design, the development and the printing of our products are carried out in France, specifically in Paris, Rennes and Bordeaux. The 3x3 format of the iconiCube is the most popular version of puzzle cubes. It measures 57mm and weighs 96 grams. The iconiCube is sold individually, in small or large quantities for particulars, businesses or through our partner stores. Also discover our gift sets which contain a selection of 9 iconiCubes.


Standout and be unique. Make someone feel special with a personalized cube using your own photos. Take control and participate in the design by making your own creations while you enjoy innovating with unlimited possibilities thanks to our easy-to-use DESIGNER. The perfect gift for any occasion to offer your love ones, friends and those close to you.


Appealing to everybody, this all-around medium is the ideal tool to promote and communicate your corporate identity. It does not only provide the visual dimension that will definitely meet your expectations but is also a design object that any recipient will surely appreciate. Events solutions. Our standalone mobile unit ready to be deployed anywhere can produce onsite personalized cubes that will certainly leave a lasting impression on your audience. Let us know how we can support you on your projects and strategies.


Discover all our creations under DESIGNCOLLECTION and ARTCOLLECTION. And, very soon featuring our artist partners.


We can work together side-by-side to create your own range of design collection and exclusively distributed by your shop. Contact us now to know more about a win-win collaboration.


Incorporate your idea, express your own identity by adapting your own design and collaborate with AroundTheCube to create your range of cube ARTCOLLECTION. We’ll be more than delighted in materializing together what you have in mind.