COVID-19 Advisory

Coronavirus UPDATE

While governments in most countries have already lifted or partially lifted lockdowns while maintaining regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19, these limitations basically do not apply to shipments and deliveries of ordered items.

For some countries however, there are still restrictions or added controls being implemented which may cause some additional delays in transit.

AroundTheCube is operating and treating your orders from Monday through Friday. 

All orders placed on weekends (or Holidays) will be treated the following working day.

For more information:  

Contact us by email or via our Facebook page and we'll try to respond to you as soon as we can.


1. Why create an account?

Creating an account is FREE!

With an AroundTheCube account, you can:

- design your own cubes by uploading photos, images, logos, texts and more

- save creations and start your own collection

- place and track* orders

- receive updates and newbies 

For our complete privacy policy, click here

2. How do I create an account?

It’s easy! On the top right of the page, click “LOGIN”. 

Fill-up the required fields: username, your email address and password and you're good to go.

3. How can I close my account?

To close an account, you will have to request for its deletion by CONTACTING US.  

Once your account has been deleted, your private gallery, including uploaded images will be also be removed from our database.

4. I want to change my email address and password

Simply log-in to your account, move cursor over the username and select “My Profile”. 

Type in the information you may want to change, then click "Update". 

5. Forgot my password

Click on the “LOGIN” at the top right side of the page and follow the instructions.



1. Can I add another cube to my order?

Yes, it may be possible so try to Contact Us first.

But placing a new order is likely even faster, 

If both orders will be sent to the same address, we will regroup the items and put them in the same parcel.  

2. How do I know my order is successful?

You will be receiving by email system-generated order confirmation with Order Number and the Ordered Items properly indicated.

So make sure you have used the right email address during registration.

3. How do I pay?

For easier, safer payment transactions, ATC insists in using PayPal payment system.

Bank transfers are also accepted but exclusively for large quantity orders.

4. Do I need to create a PayPal account?

NO.  Guest checkout is now supported in Paypal.

This means customers only enter their name and shipping address. 

They will be asked to input their credit card number, email address, and phone number. 

5. When can I ask for refund?

ATC will have the right to establish when an item will be refunded.

This is usually applicable to packages that were not received or lost in transit.

A refund will also be issued, if you have decided to cancel your order and contacted us immediately.

Related PayPal article: My refund is completed, where is my money?

6. What are the order status?


Payment for order placed has been received and confirmed.


Order is being entered into our system and has been sent to production


Order is now being produced


The finished order is now being prepared for shipment.  

This includes boxing and proper labelling.


Your order has been completed and is now shipped out.  

Depending on destination country, your parcel may and may not have a tracking system on it.

Related article:  Can I track my order?

7. How do I order more cubes?

For purchases of 50 units and above, we propose quantity price breaks.

There is a special deal if you want to order larger quantities.  The bigger the quantity, the higher the discount.

Send your inquiries directly to us.

8. I ordered the wrong cube.

Orders are usually processed within 24-48 hours right after payment has been validated.

We can produce the right cube if you inadvertently ordered the wrong one by CONTACTING US immediately.

9. I received an error message during order

Should you encounter an error message when placing your order

Ex.  Error while looking for the graphic (original uuid: 9FFAD1E8-3DCA-4FF7-919A-10DCA37E3B6D)

this means that you may have involuntarily erased or deleted an image from your cube design.

You can try to recreate your cube by uploading the images a second time.

Or else, you can try to get in touch with ATC support.


1. Can you ship to my country?

AroundTheCube ships using standard postal services to major destinations WORLWIDE.

There is no minimum order quantity to avail of FREE delivery.

All deliveries will be shipped using the same method except for France where the Colissimo is the standard service used.

2. Is shipping really FREE?

YES.  AroundTheCube ships purchases to all "valid" destinations worldwide for FREE.

For large quantities (50 and above) please contact us directly so we can provide you simulation of costs.

*Take note that import tax or duties (when applicable) will be at customer's account.

3. How long does a delivery take?

Under normal circumstances, the following should apply:

  • France : 48-72 hours 
  • EU member states : 3-5 banking days 
  • Other destinations : 4-8 banking days

this includes the US, Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Asia and the Pacific regions.

*For countries outside Europe, the number of days are variable depending on how your local Post Office and Customs Office treat incoming international parcels upon which AroundTheCube has absolutely no control.

4. How do I know that my order was sent?

You will be receving a system-generated email notification* once purchase has been shipped.

Or, you can log-in to your account, select My Orders.  This should display the status SHIPPED.

*Make sure you use a valid email address during creation of account to receive important notifications.

5. Can I track my order?

ALL packages, except for France, bear NO TRACKING NUMBER.

All shipments are provided for FREE* by AroundTheCube.

*does not apply to large quantity purchases where tracking sytem is systematically attached.

6. Incomplete or incorrect address

How to change an incorrect or incomplete delivery address?

Orders are usually processed within 24-48 hours right after payment has been validated.  

We can change the address manually to input the correct one by CONTACTING US.

What happens when address was left out incorrect or incomplete ?

Depending on what part of the address has been left out, a mispelled address or numbers and street names inverted can sometimes be delivered by local courrier by chance.

But when the parcel was returned to us due to incomplete or erroneous address, We can resend you the order but additional shipment fee must be settled first.  A standard fee of 5Euros will be applied for standard shipping service.

Remember that it is important to vefify your delivery address before proceeding with payment and finalizing your order to assure fast and precise delivery.

A complete shipping address should always contain the following:

  • Full name of receiver
  • Street address (with house number indicated)
  • Apartment (suite) number, when applicable
  • Postal code (zip code) 
  • City / town
  • State or province, when applicable
  • Country
  • telephone number (to ease delivery)

7. What happens if I have not received my package?

Let us know immediately.

We have been sending orders worldwide for quite some time now and the most common causes why orders were not received or sent back to sender:

1.  Incomplete address*

2.  Incorrect address

Remember that it is important to verify your address each time before finalizing your order to assure fast and precise delivery.

*A telephone number will always be handy.  There are times local courriers will try contact you to attempt delivery.

8. How to return my order?

We highly recommend you to notify ATC Customer Service within 7 days from receipt of a damaged product.

We will provide you the proper instructions instead of initiating the return process yourself. 


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